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Family Time

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Jellybean and I started playing Foosball last week, and I won 2- 0. Today, it was 1 all and so, we decided to have a tie breaker; he won. When either of us score, we gleefully express that joy with some "oh ya" and "yessss'. But when either of us lose, the shrieks that come out of our mouths are not only painful to the ears, its sharpness could almost cut you like a hot knife cutting butter. What ensues soon after is a battle of unintelligible words, tossed around and coupled with a few punches in the air. Imagine a mother and son freaking out wildly - wtf is right. For some, that wtf is the same as hahaha wtf. But I am sure that there are those that will question my ability to mother a child responsibly. Oops, my middle just flung itself.

Anyway, going back to our little game...

Foosball is an extremely fun game to play. But what makes the fun a notch higher is that I am able to spend time with my son and this has been long overdue.

Jellybean and I may live in one house but we are not together all the time. We are both gamers and being so helps very little with time spent together. I stay inside my pink room all day, while he stays inside his playroom which is on the second floor. I play my shooting games while he plays his Minecraft and Roblux. Our weekends may seem predictable, but they are definitely not boring. However, as fun as our Saturdays and Sundays may seem, my son yearns for something more; that something is quality time spent together. Games may connect us, but they also keep us apart.

Then again, it does not have to be so. I cannot allow time to pass and be lost forever. Soon, our family game room will come to life. It will be blessed with fresh new paint, new fixings and pieces of furniture to suit our needs. I can already imagine more Foosball days, more of our happy screams and a whole lot of just being together. Most importantly, my family will get the time they deserve.

At the end of the day, our lives are like roller coasters. Whether we be up or down, we must relish this remarkable ride; for there will come a time when this ride will meet its end and memories are all that would be.

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