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The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: Rock Climbing

Updated: May 28, 2021

A guide on how to rock climb and conquer Mt. Komorebi

in The Sims 4: Snowy Escape.

sims 4 snowy escape rock climbing
The Sims 4 Snow Escape: Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing 101: Sims 4 Style

1. Order the rock climbing gear by using the computer.

You may climb without the gear, but you are less likely to be successful without it.

♥ Your gear will wear out in time. When it does, you can purchase a new one for 450 Simoleons, or you can repair it.

sims 4 snowy escape rock climbing gear
Equip, throw away or repair your Rock Climbing Gear

2. Craft Energy and Protein bars. Your Sims could go hungry if you don't have them!

Energy Bars require apple and cherry.

Protein Bars require blackberry and strawberry.

3. The ideal mood for climbing is to be focused. To attain this, your Sim must be happy while doing the following: playing video games, studying a book, using a telescope, and many more.

4. There is a starter wall near the Bunny Slopes. It is best that your Sim practice here before attempting to climb higher. Do note that your Sim can die if he is not skilled enough or is just unlucky to fall from a dangerous height.

sims 4 snowy escape bunny slopes
Starter wall to the left of the Bunny Slopes.

rock climbing
Once your Sims are skilled enough, they may practice here. This is located atop the cable cars.

5. Stock up on some first aid items at the vending machine called bits n' bobbles. You may also purchase your adventure gear through the computer.

sims 4 snowy escape adventure gear

Anti-Arthropod Spray

Use this to get rid of Giant Centipedes.

Buzz-Off Canister

Use this to fight-off the giant stinging Hornets.

Crawling Critter Powder

Useful against the creepy crawlers called Denkimushi.

Emergency Emetic potion

Relief from the burning poisonous stings of the Giant Hornets.

Mr. Wayne's Bat Bane

An anti-bat pheromones spritzer.

Neuro-Calming Skin Salve

Offers a complete and swift recovery from the after-effects of those electric shocks from a Denkimushi attack.

Soothing Injury Balm

Helps your Sim that suffers from the pain of a Giant centipede or bat attack.

Rock Climbing Skill Levels

Level 1

Climbing small walls, equipping the Rock Climbing gear.

Level 2

Unlocks the snow goggles, climbing courageously, and building your Sims skill using the breaking point session.

Level 3

Your Sim can now stretch before climbing, and you Sim unlocks the "attempt climb" option.

Level 4

Climbing small walls, equipping the Rock Climbing gear.

Level 5

Unlocks the snow goggles, climbing courageously, and building your Sims skill using the breaking point session.

Level 6

Your Sim can now climb the tallest walls, and your Sim now has the option to "Chat About Beta" of a route with other Sims.

Level 7

Your Sim can now craft energy bars and climb tall walls cautiously.

Level 8

Your Sim can now practice on the tallest walls.

Level 9

Your Sim can now craft protein bars and climb tall walls courageously.

Level 10

Your Sim can now coach other Sims on rock climbing.

If you prefer to quickly level up your Sims skills, you may do so by leveling them up from 1 to 10.

1. Press ctrl+shift+c to open the cheat bar.

2. Copy and paste the cheat in the game's command window.

3. Press enter

Copy and paste this - Stats.Set_Skill_Level Major_RockClimbing 10

Mountain Climb Excursion

1. To start an Excursion event, your Sim needs to pay 200 Simoleons.

2. Your Sim will need at least two (2) more Sims to be able to go on an excursion.

3. I suggest that your Sim be at least a level 6 climber.

4. Do not forget your supplies: food and first aid.

5. You need to pick an excursion leader and at least one other Sim to join.

6. The starting point for your excursion will be at the Onsen Bathhouse. Once there, you and your group will head to the lifts, then to the beginning of your climb.

7. There are trail markers that you need to reach before each stage begins. They are small and could easily be missed.

8. When you reach the second stage of the climb, I suggest that you let your Sims rest. There will be a tent waiting for your Sims to sleep in.

9. There are three (3) stages that your Sims need to climb before they can reach the top of the mountain.

10. Your Sims may quit if need be, but by doing so, all progress will be lost, and they will have to try it some other time.

sims 4 snowy escape mountain climb excursion
I suggest that your Sim and companions be at least a level 6 climber.

So, is your Sim ready to challenge the mountain?

Do not forget to stock up on supplies and deterrents for possible wildlife encounters, which by the way, may kill your Sims - so prepare!

Snowy Escape has 2 more skills that are just as fun - Skiing and Snowboarding. Read about them here.

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