Deep Fryer

The Sims 4 CC Deep Fryer
The Sims 4 CC Deep Fryer
The Sims 4 CC Deep Fryer
The Sims 4 CC Deep Fryer


Enjoy fried goodies and cater your Sims to over twenty brand new recipes like the fried ice cream, squid rings, fried fish fillets, fried chicken drumsticks, and many more. Together with the deep fryer appliance is the mod that will allow your Sim to own a diner/residential - yup! Your Sim's house can also be a diner where customers will come to dine and pay you for their food.

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♥ 03.13.2021

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♥ Konansock


ts4, mod, custom content, appliance, deep fryer, konansock

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Change Log

08.04.21 - Updated for Cottage Living; Made the mod compatible with Simple Living Lot Challenge, Lactose Intolerant Trait and group cooking. Arranged some ingredients.

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