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Glow In The Dark Baby Boo Charm/Keychain

Glow In The Dark Baby Boo Charm/Keychain


The baby ghost named Baby Boo glows in the dark. Put her under the light for a few minutes, and she will glow like green slime in the dark.


"Handmade clay art - no two pieces are exactly alike - each has its unique shape."


Every piece is made by hand. It takes time to craft and bake them. Each piece may have imperfections and may vary slightly in colour or pattern. Please expect flaws like irregular shapes and more.


Note: Most of my clay art pieces are only one of each design. Therefore, owning a clay piece of mine will feel more personal. Rarely do I make several of a kind.


Material: Polymer Clay

Finish: Resin Size:

Size: Length 7 cm, Width 5 cm


Care Instruction: Polymer clay pieces are light and durable but should be handled gently and carefully. Shipping: Your order will ship within 2-3 business days, allowing me to craft and bake them for you.

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