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♥ Writings in its ordinary form.


She Sleeps

A child,
whose photograph I see,
leaves me wondering
who she might be.
Someone's daughter,
someone's baby,
someone's life
and a stranger to me.

But as strange as she may be,
I find myself in tears,
for a girl as young as she
to have fallen prey to tragedy.

On a cold, hard slab
all stitched and sewn,
her ashy colored cheeks
soaked in blood.

and yet, there she lays,
as if sleeping.

Little girl, goodnight.

Pukingking  07/13/2009 ♥



The Road

It was a long road,
my feet calloused and sore
for the road I had walked on
was rocky and thorned.

As the sun would rise each morn,
so would my despair
and plea for him to come.
But like a tree I was, with no fruit to bear.

And as the night fall would come,
so would my nightly visitor,
Sorrow is its name
just knocking at my door.

I dare not let it in,
but it strengthened
each day I shed a tear,
which never seemed to end.

But that road
must have wanted me no more
and like a beautiful tree I was,
a special fruit I bore.

A boy they said it was
a son to call my own.
A mother is who I am now
for the fruit has come home.

Today, I walk a different road.
My feet happy and free,
for next to me,
is a pair of little feet, jumping with glee.

Pukingking  06/26/2009 ♥



Do you believe in God? 

I do believe in God. I cannot deny the fact that I cannot base my belief on anything solid besides my faith in him, the faith that my parents instilled in me. There must b a God, perhaps there is a different God for each & everyone of us, and yet, there may also be just one God. Either way, I do believe that in spite of all my pain and misery, I am able 2 find some happiness, and this makes me feel blessed somehow. Some of these blessings of mine may be superficial, but for some reason, I do believe in my heart that our very own existence in life is more than a blessing, it all depends on how we deal with our lives. If we choose to embrace whatever kindness that come our way, then blessings must have been bestowed upon us. But if we choose to ignore the many gifts that come our way, then we must have been blinded by greed and lust. Human beings tend to ask for more, even if they have more than enough on their plates. If we all learn to see the beauty in the simple things that we have in our lives, then ask yourselves this, am I blessed in someway? If the answer is yes, then there must be a God. Otherwise, we would all have to sadly believe that we all came from tiny organisms that just evolved into beautiful creatures, like you and me.

Pukingking  06/23/2009 ♥


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Thoughts on Prose
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