The Sims 4
Cottage Living Canning

A Guide on Canning Conserves, Jams, Sauces, and more.  Blog posted July 29, 2021

Roblox Energy Assault Gameplay

A new game on Roblox similar to Phantom Forces

Video uploaded on June 16, 2021


"No-Nova" ME2 Vanguard vs Kai Leng

Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition

Crazy For Plopsy

The Sims 4


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coral island

Coral Island

31 May 2021 

Dev Update

Character Customization Showcase Part 2.

This is a WIP, and more options will be added in time for the Early Access release.

New NPC Models, Shop Keeper Edition - Check out the upgraded models for both Sam and Dinda.

Nintendo Switch Devkit - The Switch Dev Kits have been received and that allows them to start testing the game on Switch hardware.

Gummy Drop

Gummy Drop

08 June 2021 

Like Puzzles & Candy?

Build up your passport prowess and design in France...

Gummy Drop! is a globe-hopping adventure that combines the casual fun of Match-3 with the strategy of resource management. It is the perfect game for someone looking for more than just Match-3!

Be the traveler AND the architect to design a colorful world tour where matching and building collide!

The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator

The Sims 4

01 June 2021 

Make dreams come true with a new pack.


Mass Effect Legendary Edition

30 May 2021

Tips:  "Aggressive" Sentinel vs Kai Leng

This is the final "Aggressive" Sentinel build for the final episode! Not exactly overpowered, but extremely durable, extremely brutal, and extremely fun!


$10 to $ 20







The Sims 4:  Dream Home Review

01 June 2021

Topic:  Carl's Sim Guides Review

A review on the TS4 Dream Home Decorator.
Uh Oh.  Watch the video to find out why.