Restaurant Story

Heart Thumps

Goals 1 to 9 Walkthrough

Quest is from February 11 to February 25, 2021

Pure Skill

Rainbow Six Siege

Impressive Playthrough by Mikael Allen

Video uploaded on January 02, 2021


Rift Mage vs Highland Ravager

Dragon Age Inquisition

Necromancer Mage vs Highland Ravager

Dragon Age Inquisition

snowy escape skills

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Elasto Mania

05 November 2020 

Major Update

The discount begins Nov 5, 2020 10:00am (Seattle time).

There are now 54 levels and each comes with its own Achievements and Leaderboards.

Game controller support - Feel the gentle vibration and the occasional roar of the engine.

Moved to a modern 64-bit environment, with support for multiple rendering methods.


Terminator:  Resistance

05 November 2020 

Major Update

Free Content Update - Infiltrator Mode

Experience the other side of the Future War in the Terminator: Resistance Infiltrator Mode. Get under the skin of a T-800 series Infiltrator unit and proceed across a brand-new map as you gather intelligence on the Resistance, destroy key outposts…and eliminate anything standing in your way.

Discover what befell Commander Baron and Doctor Mack before the events of the main game. Get the Official prequel comics, Terminator: Resistance - Zero Day Exploit Parts 1 & 2, as a free digital download with the update.


Apex Legends 

13 February 2021 

Season 8 - Mayhem comes to Kings Canyon.


Dragon Age: Inquisition

05 November 2020

Tips:  Best active abilities

These are the abilities that make it rewarding to invest in these specializations. If you plan to take full advantage of your chosen spec, you would definitely want to pick these up.


The Sims 4:  Snowy Escape

31 October 2020

Topic:  James TurnerBuilt a Rental Lot

There is a rental lot overlooking the ski slopes on Mt Komorebi, and it was built by James Turner.  Watch the video and check it out down below.