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Who is Puking king?

I am a mother who bore a magical offspring in 2009; Jellybean is his name.   I am also a mother to many creatures; some say meow and others say woof.  I have a job that is financially fulfilling, but at the end of the day, it leaves me dry and weary.  In different ways, they fill my heart with joy, but every now and then, other emotions tag along; some unwanted and painful - THIS IS REAL LIFE.  


Therefore, when the moon is up and the sun is down, I need to escape into a world of silence.. where there is only me and my imagination.

                              Inside Puking king's mind

I am an Asian vampire nymph whose mind races against time to pursue a day of both work and play.  Through this, musings are conceived and born;  they inspire me.  I want to write about them because it makes me smile.  


Sharing life's snippets help give light to questions that wander in both heart and mind, it aids in decluttering my mind.  


Yes, I have a very imaginative mind that translates into written words that may be magical, dark, funny, inspirational or all of the above...  feel free to have a glimpse of my world.




My Work

I am the Finance Director

and the Corporate Secretary

of Perco Eximport Corp.


My Education

De La salle Araneta University
Veterinary Medicine

Miriam College
BS Psychology


Gaming, Follow me!

Facebook Gaming Page 
Blogging & Poetry, Follow me!



Thoughts on "About me"

Thoughts on About me
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