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Mr. X

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

As Mr. X spoke words ever fluently, I feasted my eyes upon him like no one else did in the room. The impression he produced upon my friends seemed electrical, but the effect upon myself was something even more. I know not how adequately to describe it for mere words were not enough to speak of such feelings.

I paused for an instant, in the expectation that I would come to my senses and see him as a figment of my imagination. But Mr. X was so much of a character that I was blinded by passion and admiration. It is truly absurd, yet the sound in my heart was so much louder than the voice in my head.

I watched him move with much admiration, that I felt like a thunderbolt had fallen at my feet. I continued to watch him unremittingly, loving every bit of his being. His profile now being turned toward myself helped me imagine more on how it would seem if I was his lover. In the mad intensity of my devotion, I forgot everything but the loveliness of the vision which confronted my gaze.

I blushed deeply, feeling a burning sense. Why should I doubt it for an instant, when this man was so beautiful. It was love supreme. It kept me captive for quite some time. I felt like I never did before and never again will I.

It's funny... I fell in love with a cartoon character!

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