Dairy Cow

The Sims 4 CC Dairy Cow
The Sims 4 CC Dairy Cow
The Sims 4 CC Dairy Cow
The Sims 4 CC Dairy Cow


A functional dairy cow that you can collect milk from. This mod was created by Icemunmun, PandaSama, and Mizore Yukii. This mod is one of the best - feed the cow, milk her, and enjoy 15 flavors of milk that can warm your Sim, and even cure your Sim when they are sick.

Last Updated

♥ 02.12.2021

About the Creator

♥ Icemunmun


icemunmun, ts4, mod, custom content, appliance, dairy cow

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Change Log

08.17.21 - updated for the 1.77 patch, as well as a couple of minor bugs fixed and some improvements:

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