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"And that is why you are single lol."

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

The comment that changed my life.

Disturbing Movies You Won't Be Able To Sit Through, was the title of the video that I commented on six months ago. My comment was, "None of the films mentioned is disturbing in any way. I love gore and violence."

One morning, a month after commenting on that YouTube video, a notification popped up on the bottom right side of my screen which read, "And that is why you are single lol."

The notification caught my eye immediately. I was annoyed and curious altogether. I was at work and I was in the middle of something really important, way more important than some comment on YouTube. That notion was wrong. I was dead wrong.

I stopped working and I clicked the link which led me to the "annoying" comment. Soon as I read it, I felt a little twitch in my head that amped up my feeling of annoyance. I was so displeased with what I had just read, that all I wanted to do was give him the middle finger. "Grrr, I am very busy.. who the hell are you?",I mused. I hate to admit that at some point, I felt more insulted than annoyed. But I paused for a moment and decided to approach the comment in a better way, and that was to throw sarcasm at him, the same way he threw one at me. But he was so full of sarcasm just like I was, that it seemed more like we were throwing rocks at each other over and over. So annoying, really.

"...Sorry girl, I'm probably not your type. I have more muscle and my face is way sexier. Too bad for me." This comment made me laugh. It reminded me of Ben Stiller, and I told him that. I said, " You remind me of Zoolander. " Since then, I referred to him as Sexy Face which I found to be very amusing. Somehow, rock throwing did not seem fun anymore. A part of me was interested. "Who is this guy?", I wondered. It was then that I suggested we talk elsewhere - chatting seemed like a better option at that time.

Exchanging comments turned into a lengthy chat conversation. We talked for hours and somewhere between the words "hello" and "goodbye", we both found ourselves wanting more. We were hooked and talking to each other felt more like a drug that was so addicting. At the end of our conversation, it was pretty obvious that we had both found our addiction - each other. He is my happy pill and I am his.

Six months ago, I wrote, "None of the films mentioned is disturbing in any way. I love gore and violence." - and that is why I am not single.

.. and that is my love story.

"I always felt that meeting someone on YouTube was unlikely, but falling in love was much more of a thought so remote that it seemed impossible. But it happened and I am ecstatic that it did. Was it fate? I would like to think so. Though one thing is for sure - nothing is impossible. Trust it and believe it; dreams can come true."

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1 Comment

Róbert Varga
Róbert Varga
Nov 25, 2019

And that is how you became my, Cica!

" Trust it and believe it; dreams can come true. "

Well, you fulfill every single one of mine, so I will trust you on this.

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