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Dragon Age Origins War Mage "Combat-Playthrough": TIME STAMPS/TACTICS PART 3


We will clear them out. Completely. Even the Aeducan Thaig, which is not part of the Paragon of her Kind quest.


There is an Emissary a bit further. Use Mana Clash. The rest of the darkspawn are basically child's play.

In this thaig there will be lot of Emissaries actually. They are the only challenging part.

15:27:31 MORRIGAN LEVEL 18

3 on Willpower. We pick Combat Tactics, and the Force Field spell. Now, she has an additional slot, which we will set up for Force Field when someone's health falls below 25%.

We need this because without tactical pause, any Emissary can surprise us with Crushing Prison. If they put Curse of Mortality on top of that, then good night War Mage.

This way we will have more than enough health after Morrigan gets us out of the Crushing Prison(with the Shockwave combo, which is Force Field on Crushing Prison), to Mana Clash the mage, and hide in a Force Field until Curse of Mortality wears off.


I went for a Mana Clash, yet the bugger locked me into a Crushing Prison. This time there was no Curse of Mortality, so it was no big deal. But, as I said, Morrigan will keep that tactic on for a reason.

Anyway, after we get out Crushing Prison, let's blast the ugly with Mana Clash, then start cleaning the room. There is another Emissary on the left, with some additional darkspawn.

There is also the first sack here, from the Asunder hidden quest.

15:29:40 YIKES!

This is the most difficult part of this thaig. Two Emissaries. They both have Crushing Prison and Curse of Mortality at this level. The best tactics is to zoom out and just blast them with Mana Clash from afar.

I however, confidently rush in with my prepared Mana Clash and start blasting. Surprise! If you do it fast enough, it always works. Plus Morrigan would get my butt out of the Crushing Prisons anyway. Only one got killed though from my Mana Clash.

So, we focus on the other one now. Knock him down, Petrify him, or freeze him. Anything really that prevents him to use his nasty spells. After the darkspawn are killed, this thaig is basically done. The only things left are:


They are weak and pathetic. Yes, they can stun, and get nasty when you are at low level. However, they don't provide any challenge at this point.

Just rush into them, use Mind Blast, then Cone of Cold, and Flame Blast. Works every time. Whoever is behind you will be taken down by the team. Don't worry about damage! You are a War Mage! You are though as nails now! Plus Morrigan can heal if you need it...

Same tactic applies to every Deepstalker encounter.


Not too bad place. A couple of dangerous places, but it is a cakewalk compared to what will come after it. Anyway, we worry about that later.

We are greeted by three Elite Mercenaries. Two warrior, one mage. These guys are not here if you work both Behlen and Harrowmont, in case you want to avoid them.

They are not challenging however, just use Mana Clash on the mage, and whack the warriors after.


Fire trap in the middle(Sten will trigger it, and even Alistair gets a taste of it) and an Emissary at the end. I go after the Emissary first, with my Mana Clash, after we get rid of the "welcoming committee" with fire and ice.

He resists it though, so we are going to Fist him, Cone him and... Alistair will take over. Once you kill the darkspawn here, and approach the bridge, five archer genlock will spawn behind you. Or right in front of you, if we are me.

On the bridge, there are lots of Leghold traps. Make sure you don't step in them. The other side will have around six genlocks and an Elite Ogre. The Ogre should be Petrified, and let your team take it down. Mop up the genlock berserkers after it is dead.

If you approach the exit, multiple Shrieks will attack you from Stealth. You can flush them out with Mind Blast and freeze them.

However, our warriors deal so much damage now, it is hard not to just let them have some fun with the enemies. I think I'm becoming lazy.


Once we leave the big room and step on some proper dwarven roads, we get rid of that charging Bronto, and the genlocks.

After this we will have to quickly run to the tunnel where a few Genlock Runners are going to sprint away from us. To make things easier, we need to kill them before they get away.

They would alert the Emissary inside, and that is something we don't want. We want to surprise him.

If they are dead, we head inside, which would make the Emissary start run outside. This will let use use Mana Clash on him without any problem. His little friends will be taken down by our team.

15:40:59 ALISTAIR LEVEL 18

Strength, Strength, Strength. We pick Survival and the fantastic Deathblow. Now, Alistair will be able to gain back stamina with each kill. For a dual weapon warrior, this is a very powerful tool.

15:41:13 OH, LOOK! AN OGRE BOSS!

Let's take him down in seconds! We stay where we are as he is about to throw a boulder at us. We only move when he puts it at his shoulder. Cast a Petrify to paralyze him and move forward.

Nice! Now the Ogre managed to hit his own Shrieks and can't move. Focus on the Shrieks first. Cone of Cold, Flame Blast. Sten got Grabbed, so let's get him out of there!

Scratch that, Morrigan already handles that, and Alistair started to rip him apart. Finish off the Shrieks, and when we turn back, we witness the Ogre's death.

We could leave the place after this, but we still have some darkspawn to kill, plus another black vial.


This pack has one Elite Emissary and one Elite Bronto. After those two are don, I mostly just let my team do the work, and heal them if necessary.

After this, we are going to slaughter some Deepstalkers with the usual Deepstalker-killing tactics. and pick up the second bag for the Asunder quest.

Then I was scouring the area for more enemies who I might left out, and managed to step in my first leghold trap. Ouch! That is what happens when you play while your brain is tired. Anyway, there is another group of enemies here, but I figured I will come back for them when I loot with Leliana.


Since I forgot the last one in the tower, this is the last Revenant we will fight. The last one was no challenge anymore, and neither this one.


Nasty, nasty place. If we would have come here sooner, It would have been a major challenge.

Spiders are everywhere! Even a spider boss at the end! They are not that dangerous anymore, but at low level they could absolutely destroy us with their Webs. Also, lots of darkspawn. Luckily, they are fighting with the spiders, so that lets us ambush them on a few places.


The spider would win. Yeah, their Web is to strong, so they would end up killing the darkspawn.

Anyway, let's not let that happen. We want all the experience we can get.

So let's smack the Ogre surrounded by spiders with a Fire Ball. Let's freeze the Ogre, and let our team start slaughtering everyone. Another Fire Ball on the next group. Then freeze, then fire and teamwork.

When they are dead, we touch the tomb on the right side of the room.


Ghosts are probably my least favorite enemies in the game, along with Spiders.

They are generally annoying. They are pretty tough compared to other normal units, and they don't give loot when they die.

They have a Golem with them.

If you go to the chest with the web, a group of spiders will spawn. This is true to almost every place in this thaig that has webs.

Sorry Morrigan, I was aiming for the spider.

15:51:17 WEBS

Yup, this is the best way to approach them. Just let your companion wonder into them. That way you can be ready for the spawning spiders with some ice and fire. Sorry, Alistair for the extra heat.


And this is the place where the Asunder quest will end. We will come back here once we got the last sack with Leliana.


Need I say more? This is the last time we see them in this thaig.


Then we talk to Ruck, get rid of the spiders and trade with him. He is the one who sells infinite Deep Mushrooms. These are invaluable for a warrior and a rogue, because Deep Mushroom is the main ingredient for Swift Salve.

We also update the Mother's Hope quest, and get the sword piece for the Admirable Topsider quest.

15:57:37 UGLY THINGS!

They are fleeing from you... for now. After the bridge, make sure you take out the Emissary with Mana Clash. The fight can get very ugly if let him cast spells. There is another Emissary who is further away. So far in fact that if you don't go close, you can ignore him.

Lots of spiders will spawn here, and they don't fight the Emissary, they only want to kill you. They have Web and Overwhelm, so watch out!


Probably the most annoying boss fight in the game. A nightmare with a mage at low level. At this point, it is not that hard, but still very annoying. The Spider Queen will keep webbing the entire team, and disappears when she takes too much damage.

She also summons lots of additional spiders. The best tactics is to keep paralyzing her. That way she can't use her ability to disappear, and can be killed pretty fast.

After she is gone, let's loot her and get the Bloodline axe and the Silkweave Gloves(another elemental gloves, this one gives 20% nature damage bonus), and the Smith's Heart from the Cocoon. Let's read the Journal, and the Dead Trenches await!


As we start moving forward, we see a group of dwarves with black armor fighting against the charging darkspawn. Help them out by Fire Balling the entire group. Don't worry, the Legion of the Dead are tough, they will survive it.

With our team, we will start taking down the uglies from the bridge as well. This is actually a great place to throwing Fire Ball around. Lots of spaces between you and the enemy groups, so don't be shy about playing with fire!

Once the aggro drops we speak to Kardol. He tells us that what we are doing is stupid, and that the dwarven nobles are also stupid. Braka is dead and there is no one alive after their outpost. What a pessimist!


Two group of archers - five on each side. Let's pick a side and smack them with Fire Ball.

An Elite Ogre is also present, and a few Shrieks will appear out of Stealth as we approach. The Ogre gets Petrified, and frozen, then we go after the other group of archers.

As always, our team is more than capable of handling things after this. We talk to Kardol again, who still thinks we are stupid, but compliments our skills.

16:10:21 RUNNERS AGAIN...

Remember those Genlock Runners, who were about to alert the Emissary back at Caridin's Cross Yeah, these archers will do the same if you approach them. So let's not.

Fire Ball the group, let the team handle the melee guys, wait for Fire Ball to recharge and bomb them again. Problem solved. Make sure that you pause your team, otherwise they advance and ruin your surprise.

16:10:46 LEVEL 19

Boost Magic, and pick up Arcane Mastery for the Spellpower boost. Re-activate your sustainable skills so they get the bonus.


Since we killed the archers, the Emissary can be surprised with a Mana Clash. Otherwise he would be waiting for us with a Crushing Prison. One Bronto and a couple of other genlocks are all that is left here.

As with most fights, once you kill the Emissary, things will become much easier.

When they fall, let's explore the left side first. Once we get rid of the two Shrieks and the genlocks, loot the room. The boots of the Legion of the Dead armor set will be here in a sarcophagus.

16:12:32 STEL LEVEL 18

Boost Strength, pick Improved Combat Tactics, and Constraint.


An Emissary. With spiders! Mana Clash him, fast. Or get locked into a Crushing Prison like I was, because I could not target the guy fast enough without pause. It happens. This is why we have Morrigan, right?

She gets us out of jail, and we heal up. The Emissary has been kept busy by Sten at this point, who ends up finishing him off, but not before we try our best to take revenge with a Mana Clash.

After the room is clear, loot it.


This room has a few genlocks, and a few traps. It is best to just leave the team behind and get rid of them with Fire Balls. This way, they won't trigger the traps and we can get the xp for them when we

disarm them with Leliana.

This room also has the Gloves of the Legion. After we loot it, summon the team. Sten gets into my face accidentaly as I was looting a fractired stone. I have no wish at this point Kadan.

16:14:55 CAREFUL HERE!

This is one of those dangerous places, that should not be approached without caution. There is an Emissary here with spiders. The Emissary casts Crushing Prison upon seeing you, and the spiders spam Web.

Let's not rush ahead. Try to peak around the corner and Mana Clash the little bastard. Done! I feel safer already!

We can charge in after that with Cone of Cold. If we stand our ground, the spiders will mob up on use, which si good because we can use Mind Blast which makes them vulnerable to out flames and our team's melee.

The Ancient Darkspawn boss also summons here if you are doing the Admirable Topsider quest. A two-handed warrior. Not exactly a challenge, especially on his own.

We have the last piece from him, so later we re0vist the grave in Ortan Thaig and complete the quest.

16:16:15 THE NEXT ROOM

Nothing special here, other than this wired trap that you can't disarm and it always respawns itself. As far as I know, it does nothing other then being loud.


This fight is optional, you can just start going left and the group of darkspwan will never notice you. If you want to kill the Forgemaster however:

Try to approach with caution. The Forgemaster boss can deal some pretty good damage, so don't rush in. He has Scattershot, Pinning Shot and Arrow of Slaying. He also has a big hammer, which he will use if you get into melee range.

Lure some of the enemies out and kill them before the Forgemaster notices you.

After that, we smack the boss with a Fire Ball. That will knock him down. Or not... In my case he resisted it. It happens. So I froze him, along with Alistair. Sorry, friend!

The other darkspwans should be dealt with first, while you paralyze the boss. Unlucky me, the boss resisted everything I threw at him. Finally, I got him with a Petrify so at the end, he fell pretty fast.


Eight Shrieks. Four in front of you, four behind you. Watch for Morrigan, since she usually stays behind. She can get mobbed easily.

Cone of Cold and Flame Blast works well on the group in front of you. You can also put a Repulsion Glyph on the floor so they would be pushed back, as you turn back to check on Morrigan. Morrigan naturally will start with a Mind Blast, so is gonna be safe until you check on her.

You warriors will do what they do best. While you handle crowd control, they will dish out the damage.


This hall has one Emissary, and at least ten skeletons. The skeletons are nor difficult, but they can be annoying, since they keep using Shield Bash and Shield Pummel.

The Emissary, gets Mana Clash, that way the fight won't become ugly. This hall holds the Armor of the Legion. The last piece of the Legion of the Dead armor set. The helmet, although it fits the set, will not count towards the set bonus.


After talking to Hespith, we face two Ogres. Both Elites, but they are no longer a challenge for the party. Paralysing spells always work well on Ogres.

Once they are dead, we go to the little room ahead, and loot the Legionnaire Altar. We get the key, and the Helmet of the Legion.

After we get rid of the spirits, we place the armor on Sten, make sure he touches the Legion of the Dead Relic, and we defeat the Shade. The thing is very easy. After the fight, we give Sten back his equipment.

Once the door is open, we loot the sarcophagus and get the Legion of the Dead insignia. Now we can go back to the shaper and finish the Dead Caste quest.


Probably the most disgusting and disturbing thing in Dragon Age. A mountain of flesh and corruption. Her Screams can knock you down, stun you, disorient you, and summon additional drakspawn.

She also has two types of Grab ability. One shakes the hell out of you, the other spits vomit in your face. The former is more dangerous.

Decent nature resistance can be very useful here, because once her health goes down to 25%, she will release a Rotting Gas, which will cause very nasty nature damage on the whole party. So let's kill this thing!

First, we throw a Fire Ball. The Broodmother has 75% nature resistance, but she is weak to fire. Flaming Weapons are very handy on the team. We approach, but we won't go too close. Let the warrios do that.

Use Cone of Cold, Petrify and Glyph of Paralysis so your warrior can deal as much damage as possible, before she summons her darkspawn babies.

We managed to take down half of her health, practically undisturbed, which is great, but things will get uglier from here.

She summons her babies, and suddenly we are swarmed by darkspawn. Our focus must be on Morrigan if we want to keep her alive.

After we direct the warriors to keep attacking the Broodmother, we place a Glyph of Repulsion around her to keep her safe. If this does not work, you might have to Force Field her. The Broodmother's non stop Screams are not helping. She keeps stunning the party and summons even more darkspawn. This time there are Shrieks in the pack.

Alistair however, because he is suck an awesome damager, already struck the final blow on the big tenticle monster. Morrigan got a bit too much heat, so she goes into a Force Field, and we clear out the rest of the darkspawn.

In my opinion, the key to win this battle without anyone falling, is to focus the warriors' attentions on Broodmother, and to keep an eye on the weakest link.

16:28:03 MORRIGAN LEVEL 19

3 Willpower and we get Glyph of Warding. Our aim is for her to have Glyph of Repulsion too.

After we level her up, we are going to have a quick trip back to Orzammar. We sell our loot, put Oghren in the party and level him up. We also change his equipment and his tactics.

Oghren is mandatory for the end of this quest, so we have to turn him into something decent. The Anvil of the Void is a dangerous place. We boost his Strength, and make sure he uses War Cry upgraded with Superiority to knock down everyone who attack him in melee range. The rest of his tactics are very similar to Sten's.

Also, we buy the Tome of Mortal Vessel from Legnar, and we place the one point it gives us on Magic.


Branka is here. And a lot of darkspawn as well. And traps. And golems. This is going to be interesting.


First, we need to get through them to reach Caridin's traps.

The first wave is not that impressive. Around ten enemies, with one Elite dual weapon genlock. Ten might sounds like a lot, but Oghren's War Cry makes sure we won't get mobbed, even if we don't use crowd control spells.

From the second wave, the most dangerous enemy is obviously the Emissary. Once we Mana Clash him, the hard part is over. Another roughly ten normal level drakspawn is ready to be sloughtered.

The third wave comes with an Elite Ogre. Nothing we haven't crushed before. Petrify, and let the warriors butcher the thing. Mop up the rest. Advancing towards the traps, there will be a few more darkspawn.


The room is filled with gas, and as you enter the golems will wake up one by one. Best is to just order your party to wait, and quickly turn off each valve to shut the gas down completely. When the golem charges at your party, you can knock it down with Stonefist.

Now we can face the golems. They are not much of a threat, as long as you don't get close when they are waking up. When they wake up, they use Quake, which deals a lot of damage and stuns the party.


There are two traps ahead of you. A rogue can detect them, but if they get disarmed, the golems still come to life.

You face four golems in this room. Two at a time. They have more health, and they don't waste their Quake skill when they wake up.

The main thing you should focus on is knocking them down or paralyzing them. This way they obviously can't deal damage. Stonefist and Glyph of Repulsion is great. Petrify does not work on them, because they are made of stone, but Glyph of Paralysis and Cone of Cold does.


This blasted thing! The fight is bad enough, but the worse thing is, this fight crashes my game more often than anything else.

Anyway, taking down the Apparatus at this point is actually not that difficult. You need to kill one Elite ghost at a time, and then activate the anvil that starts gloving. This will damage the construction. Otherwise nothing else can harm it.

It is best to focus on one or two anvil at a time, because each time the heads on the Apparatus take damage, they summon a different spirit and use a different attack.

As far as I can tell, the initial "Lightning Eyes" do nothing.

The blue "Healing Eyes" heal the spirits.

The "Bloody Eyes" will deal spirit damage on the party.

So it is obvious that we don't want to face four "Bloody" eyes at a time. So once a head reaches "Bloody Eyes" status, we will focus on getting rid of that one, before we attack the others. This will make sure that we will not be bombarded with spirit damage towards the end of the battle, which can be very dangerous.

I like to group select my team here, and direct them to a single spirit, so we can get rid of each one quickly with our combined damage.

Once the blasted thing is dead, you get no loot nor experience. Awesome!

16:47:05 CARIDIN

We are going to beat the old tin can, because it is considered the "harder" fight. We won't keep the Anvil though. We will make sure it gets destroyed as Branka realizes what she has done.

Caridin is a boss, and he is pretty tough. He has all the usual golem skills, Slam, Quake, and Hurl, but he also has some nasty lightning spells. He also has four stone golems with him. Two has Normal, and two has Elite rank. However, we also have two golems with us thanks to Branka.

Best is to just keep his attention on us, until Alistair and Oghren gets rid of the other golems. If you fight all of them at once, someone is bound to be knocked out.

So, start with Stonefist on him, then give him some Cone of Cold. If a Normal golem gets caught in the freeze, that is a great opportunity for shattering them! Oghren or Alistair can do that with a critical hit. One down!

Oghren's War Cry is powerful enough to knock some of the golems down, which is why we pick that for him. Let's direct our party to engage with the other golems while we keep Caridin busy.

Despite being a golem, Petrify works on Caridin quite well. Steel can be turned into stone! Keep repeating Cone of Cold, Glyph of Paralysis, Stonefist and Petrify until your team defeats the others.

Once they arrive to help you, the fight is pretty much over. Time to let Branka destroy the Anvil, get the Golem Registry(plus the gift for Zevran from the chest), and we can finally go back to spank Behlen.


Is going to be Harrowmont. I never pick Behlen, unless I'm a Dwarf Commoner. I just can't stand that arrogant little scheming turd!

So let's whoop his butt and put that crown where it belongs. Which is Harrowmont's head!

17:00:49 ALISTAIR LEVEL 19

Everything goes on Strength. We pick up Resilience for him.

Outside, we also convince Kardol to join us agains the Blight on the surface. This would switch some of the dwarven soldier to Leion of the Dead Avengers during the final battle, and Kardol would also fight the Archdemon.

We also visit the Shaper, to give the documents to Orta, give the Registry to Czibor, and we also add the Dead Cast Insignia to the Memories.

In the commons, we also bring the bad news to Filda, thus completing the Mother's Hope quest. Since I can't stand Behlen, I decided to kill his supporters as well: Piotin and his cronies, along with Myaja and Lucjan, will bite the dust.


Yeah, we make sure he gets Felsi. We also unlock the Berserker specialization here(10/12).


You can skip it here: 17:23:23

First I quickly level up Wynne and Leliana, then we run faster than the wind with double Haste!

Note that at the Anvil of the Void, I was just checking if there is a corpse there that I haven't looted(like the Revenant at Caridin's Cross). There is no locked chest in this location.


This is what we left out the last time we were here. Let's kill those Deepstalkers and get that sack to complete the Asunder quest.




I let the demon go. This way the money is guaranteed. If you fight the Pride Demon, you only have a small chance of getting it from its corpse.

17:21:23 STOP!

Yep, I did not forget about this place. It is extremely dangerous to enter this side of the cave if you are unprepared.

Two Emissaries, and three spiders. The mages have Crushing Prison, Curse of Mortality. The spiders have Web and Overwhelm. Pretty grimm.

The spiders will aggro you first, so come where with your Mana Clash already prepared. Hopefully none of the Emissaries will resist it. Once they are down, get rid of the spiders.


We definitely take the gold.


Yeah, sure I get one for her. It's only five silver.


Yupp, he still got it.



Rebel dwarves. Even with Leliana instead of Sten, they are a joke. So let them die for Behlen.


Attribute goes on Magic, the skill goes on Improved Herbalism.


Wynne sure talks a lot...


Wynne's special encounter. We get rid of the darkspwan and talk to her. After this, we talk to her in the camp, and unlock her quest.

We also talk to Shale, boost her approval and unlock her quest as well. We use the Persuasion option, because otherwise we would lose a lot of approval since Caridin is dead. The next question has one answer which seems to be glitched, because we destroyed the Anvil, yet is says that "it is in the hands of the dwarves".

This happens if you kill Caridin. In the game's "mind" if Caridin is dead, you must have kept the Anvil. So I just picked that one, even though there is no Anvil anymore.


Wynne's special ability encounter. Focus on the Omega. His Fire Ball, which is next to impossible to dodge without tactical pause, can put you into a very disadvantageous position. He also has less mana than health, so Mana Clash will not kill him instantly. Once he is gone however, the encounter is basically over.

18:07:27 LEVEL 20

As usual, 3 Magic. Honestly, the build is done at this point, so we are just picking extra abilities. Spell Wisp is a sweet little "trinket" so let's get that.

18:08:30 ANEIRIRN

We finish Wynne's quest. You don't have to talk to the dalish in the camp for him to appear. You can go directly into the forest once you have the quest.

We get back to camp, and get zero approval from Wynne. Nice. Her approval gain is bugged, so you get nothing other than the amulet and some xp.

18:14:24 SHALE'S QUEST

After we level her up and set set up her tactics, we boost her approval with some gems we buy in Orzammar. Now off to either Caridin's Cross or Ortan Thaig so she can see something familiar.


The thaig is not that dangerous if you know what to do. Watch for the Emissaries, and use Mana Clash. Shrieks can do a lot of damage, so use Mind Blast and Shale as a tank. When she gets into trouble, Force Field her.

The Deepstalkers and the traps are just minor annoyances. The final fight with the Ogre is pretty simple, even if it can grab you. Morrigan, Alistair and even Shale can get you out of it. Paralyzing works well, just like we did before.

After you kill it, get rid of the Shrieks who spawn around him and just let the game play the cutscene. Loot the chest and the crystals and we are out of here! Sorry Alistair for the burn...

18:25:54 MORRIGAN LEVEL 20

1 Magic, 2 Willpower. We pick up Stonefist for her. She will defend Alistair with it from now.

We go back to camp, accept Shale's apology and boost her approval all the way up to 100.

18:31:57 STEN LEVEL 19

3 points on Strength. We pick up Two-Handed Sweep. This will be a very important tool for him later on.


We are here in Denerim with Eamon. Loghain is here. Howe is here. The queen is here. Everyone is here!

18:37:48 ERLINA

After we loot everything in Eamon's Estate, we talk to the elven maid. The queen is kidnapped and we need to rescue her. Yup, does not sound fishy at all.


Catfight. Marjolaine is paranoid so she wants to get rid of Lelina. Well, we have a cure for her paranoia.

As we enter there are two guards who provide no challenge. During the dialogue, we can either let Marjolaine go or engage in a fight after.

We will fight. The room we are in has two smaller rooms next it. Both have a trap at the entrance(Leliana is with us so she will see them). Each one holds one mage qunari and one warrior. Marjolaine is a boss, and she hits hard, even though she is unarmed.

Without tactical pause we can only take down one mage with Mana Clash, so let's knock down the other one with Stone Fist and feed him an Arcane Bolt. Done!

Marjolaine has a very high chance of using her Captivating Song ability, which is her downfall. The continuous stun is annoying, but it completely disables her fighting skills, and she is basically paralyzed.

After we kill the two melee guards, she just turns into a punching bag, waiting to be beaten to death. Once she is done, let's loot the room and return to camp to talk to her.

We also talk to Oghren so we can taste his brew. We take off one dagger from Leliana and give two to Zevran, because we are about to test his loyalty. We level him up and set up his tactics in Denerim.


Since we have his approval high enough, he will stay with us. The crows are dangerous though. They have very fast attacks, Coup de Grace(if you are stunned they can backstab you), Mark of Death and a few skills to stun you and the party(Dirty Fighting, Scattershot).

There are also traps at the bottom of the stairs, so don't wonder into them. Watch out for Morrian, she can be overwhelmed pretty easily. The fight pretty much boils down to how you handle the initial onslaught. So, Cone of Cold on the Assassins who try to flank the team, put a Repulsion Glyph around Morrigan, Fire Ball the archers behind you, and heal the team when they need it.

They are rogues, so they can't take that much damage. After the ambushers are defeated, tell Zevran to stay, and let's get moving.


We are gonna start talking to the Hooded Carriers from the Irregular's quest, and since we have Zevran in the party, we will pick up the Duelist specialization from Isabela(11/12).

I'm a mage. Obviously I suck at the card game, because I have low Dexterity and Cunning. Zevran on the other hand can guarantee a victory for us. Same with Leliana.


Skip it here: 19:08:54


That is it! We have all the specializations unlocked! Then we chat a bit more with Zevran, and he swears that he will stick to us until the end.


Okay, time to rescue the queen!

After you speak to Erlina, pause your team and stay close to the wall. This way the guard will not notice you from above. Once you at the back, summon your party.

Put on the uniforms, and get inside while the elf draws the guards away.


Nothing to be afraid of yet. Just use the uniform to get to Anora.


Do not open that door. It will prompt a cutscene and your cover will be blown. Kinda. We will open it later. There is something there that we need.

As we reach the bedroom, we pick up the Grey Warden Documents from the box, and we meet Riordan.

19:26:48 TIME TO FIGHT

Busted! We Mind Blast the guards, then throw a Fire Ball at the archers behind the wall. Their Scattershot is very annoying.

At this point, Alistair and Sten can handle most of the fights here in the basement, but Cone of Cold and Flame Blast can help them getting things done faster.

You just watch for Morrigan.

19:28:44 THE FIRE TRAP

It's right ahead. Stop the team and trigger it, then run back a bit. This way you don't get blasted with fire during the fight.

Mana Clash the mage inside(for some reason he did not aggro us at all), then Mind Blast and freeze the crowd to expose them to your warrior.


Bann Sighard's son is getting tickled. Get rid of the tortures and talk to him. Later you can ask for a pretty big sum of money from his father.

19:31:23 JAIL

Kill the guards, and let Soris and Rexel free.

19:33:40 HOWE

Time to wipe the smugness off of his face. His death is always satisfying.

He has two mages three guards with him. He is an Assassin Boss. He uses Mark of Death and a lot of dual weapon talents. He also deals pretty good damage.

My Morrigan almost went down in just a few seconds as I used Mana Clash on the mages. Sheesh! Things move a bit faster with no pause. Howe puts a Mark of Death on her, so we put her into a Force Field.

Howe loves to use Stealth, but by this time his mages are dead and his two guards are dealt with by Alistair and Sten.

Time to whack the jealous little snake! His health is not that high, and our warriors are more than capable of putting him down without our help.

Get his key and let's go!

19:35:16 VAUGHN

How could I resist? I did free him tough, so I'm no liar! Since we convinced him to give us his key, we will take his money later.

The cage next to him has a Templar. We bring his amulet to Alfastana who stays in the tavern.


We use his key to take everything from his vault. Then we open the door to Vaughn's Chest. We are gonna be busted by the guard, but who cares at this point?


We need to set up the tactics for the fight with Cauthrien. That's right, we won't back down!

Since this is pretty much the toughest fight in the game, we will need to play smart. I actually build my character around this fight when I create a build. If it can take this fight without pause, the build is good. If it can't, then it is not good. With a good build, doing this solo is actually easier then with a team. However, we will prevail!


First off, we make sure Morrigan puts Sten into a Force Field when his health is at 75%! Why, because he is going to be our main tank. He can't tank the amount of damage will go his way though(especially not without healing potions), so we need Morrigan to make him invulnerable.

Second, we will make sure she casts Horror anyone who attacks her in melee. This is important because this far she was using Horror on anyone who was Elite or higher. Cauthrien and the mage will be the only enemies who would fit that criteria, and we don't want her to get the attention of Cauthrien. So she only casts Horror if she is attacked by melee.


Stays the same. He is our wrecking ball, and he is doing fine.


As I said, we need him to tank. We need the enemies to focus on him, and him alone. He will use Taunt, get the attention of the enemies, takes damage and gets locked into a Force Field.

We also set him up in a way that if he is attacked by melee, he uses his Two-Handed Sweep talent to knock everyone back. We need this, incase our or Morrigan's Force Field is on cooldown. He has more than enough Strength to knock back even Cauthrien if they attempt to melee him.

19:40:58 CAUTHRIEN

Yup, we are here. Let's see how our tactics will work!

Without pause, this fight is about timing. I killed Cauthrien at least a hundred times, so trust me, I know.

Put your mouse over Cauthrien's... uhm... bosom. Yep, that is where our Fire Ball is, and we need to get to it very fast, so during the cutscene we already position our mouse above it.

As soon as the cutscene is over, we let everyone clear out so we have a clear sight. As I said, you need to be fast, aim fast. Otherwise Cauthrien or one of her guard can run into your Fire Ball. That is not good.

So quickly target the archers on the left side of the room! That will be our focus. Once they are smacked with Fire Ball, they will be knocked down, so they can't use their volley of Scattershot against us.

Then we quickly turn and run into the right side crowd. They manage to stun us, but never mind that. Mind Blast the group!

At this point Alistair's health got a bit low, because Cautrhien hits like a truck and did a Sunder Arms on him. Still, he is alive and well, and the girls is focusing on Sten now, because he just Taunted the entire room. He also swept them away from him, giving Morrigna time to put him into a Force Filed.

This far, thigs are going our way!

As we rush towards the left side to use Cone of Cold on the archers, we keep an eye on our party's health. If we see a big drop, we would instantly Group Heal or Force Field them.

The archers, except one, are frozen solid, so that is good. Now, we blast the mage with Mana Clash, but he resists it. That is not good. Ugh! Still we hit him with Stonefist so at least he is knocked on his butt.

Time to smack the left side with another Fire Ball! Hopefully that would finish them off. I also place a Life Ward on Sten, in case he needs it. He Taunts, and knocked everyone away from him again. That's it bog boy!

The archers however, are still won't quit on the left side, so we use Cone of Cold and Flame Blast to finally put them down.

At this point, I heal, even though it was not warranted, but things move a bit fast so, mistakes happen.

And the mage puts on a freaking Anti-Magic Ward! God, just die already! I place Sten into a Force Field, so I don't have to focus on his health while I take down the mage.

I move closer, and I blast the two guards around the mage with Cone of Cold, then Flame Blast. Flame Blast also gets the mage. I do another unwarranted heal, I guess that mage just messing with my mind! The tanking tactics actually works perfectly, my team needs no heal at all! Everyone is focusing on invulnerable Sten, and Alistair keep carving down Cauthrien's health.

I cast Stonefist on the mage so he can be knocked out, but he gets up, so I Petrify his stubborn butt!

Sten is out of the Force Field, and my spell is on cooldown, so I place a Glyph of Repulsion spell around him. That will push Cauthrien away until I get my Force Field back!

I put another Lifeward around Sten, and finally I kill that blasted mage!

At this point Alistair almost took down 90% of Cauthrien's health, so we focus on her with all our might! I knock her down with Stonefist, and wait until the Repulsion spell expires around Sten, we don't want to create a Paralysis Explosion there, and then I cast Glyph of Paralysis on her. It won't hold her long, but Sten is already in a Force Field, so we are good.

We use everything to get the health of the Elite Boss down. Winter's Grasp, Bloody Grasp, Arcane Bolt. If she is down, the fight is ours. Alistair finally perform the long awaited execution animation on her! We did it!

We mop up the rest of the room, which is basically a few Normal guards.

19:43:53 THE TAVERN

We talk to Sighard, and Alfastanna. We persuade Sighard to give us 50 gold. Nice!

19:44:45 ALISTAIR LEVEL 20

3 Strength. We pick up Constraint for him.


We talk to them and we decide what will be the next step. We also speak with Riordan and ask him about the vault.


We loot the vault and the tavern. This won't take long. We also turn in the Missing in Action quest to the Chanter's Board.


We change our team's tactics back and quickly talk to Anora about who will rule Ferelden. I went with the marriage option. Alistair and Anora will marry and rule together.

Now we have all the available support at the Landsmeet(except Vaughn, but he can rot in hell). Take that, Loghain!


It's the Alienage. It's ugly and it smells bad. Still, we have a job to do, so let's get to it.

First, we talk to the two people in front of the gate, who are both connected to two separate Irregular's quest. Scraping the Barrel and Grease the Wheels. These are the last two people who we need to talk to, to turn both quest in. Once we are done, let's head into the Alienage.

After we save the guy from the thugs, we talk to Soris, and give some coins to the beggar, we mark the last Mystical Site of Power for the Guild. Then we go and talk to Shianni.


Mind Blast first, then Mana Clash the mages. I placed Morrigan into a Force Field, because those Tevinter Guards can do a lot of damage with their Shield Pummel. Better safe than sorry.

We get the key from one of the mages, and we go into the house.

After we get rid of the Supervisor, we loot his Imperial Edge. This is a great sword for Alistair, especially, since there is another here not far in a box! These two Silverite beauties will be Alistair's new weapons. The deal more damage than what he has on now, and they look badass on his back.

We take the key from the table, and proceed to the Run-Down Apartments.


We look around, talking to to scared elf, but he will not have any useful info. The Sextant for the Fazzil's Request quest is here in one of the rooms.

There is a locked room towards the door that leads outside, but only a rogue can open it, so we will come back for it with Leliana. Some gold and a few enemies are inside.


A little fight, not much to worry about. The real fight is behind the door ahead.

20:09:52 DEVERA

Just like Cauthrien, a very tough and very avoidable fight. With our Coercion skill we could Intimidate Devera to back off from the fight, or with Persuasion we could convince her to bring us right before Caladrius, her boss.

Well, we will do none of that. We will fight and she will die.

Once the cutscene ends, just like with Cauthrien, the soldiers in the back will immediately start aiming at us with their Scattershot. That is not good. The melee guys are also gonna charge at us and possibly stun us with their Shield Pummel. That is also not good.

So first, we start with a Mind Blast. This will give us time to bomb the archers with a Fire Ball. The fastest way to throw the ball, is to target the archer in the middle of the other room. Still, there is a huge chance that we will be stunned by a Scattershot at this point. We aim again, and we throw that ball!

Good, the archers are knocked down and they are burning. Now we have time to re-position. We can freeze a group of soldiers by running to the right side of the room. Unfortunately for me, they left when Alistair started slashing Devera, so only Devera got the freeze. Well, at least she is dead. She is not that dangerous, but it is best to take her down fast.

Our team will need heal, so Alistair gets Lifeward, and Sten gets Heal.

There are traps in the middle of the doorway, so don't try to rush in. Approach from the side, and disable the archers from mid range with Cone of Cold. At this point we notice that Morrigan has been left alone with a Tevinter Warrior, so we help her out with some heal, and our Bloody Grasp takes the guy down. Then we focus back on the archers again with Flame Blast. Alistair also arrives and finishes the archers off.

We quickly loot the room, and get our second Imperial Edge, from the chest in the other room. Then we make some space for our loot, because we are loaded again.

This is where I give Alistair Duncan's shield, and I switch his swords to the double Imperial's Edge.

20:15:20 CALADRIUS

A blood mage, and a boss. He is also very polite. Still we will take him down. This is where Devera would have brought you, if you convince her that you want to talk to the boss. Yup, all of the previous fights would have been avoided.

So how do we take him down? Well, I think you know it already. Yup, that's right! Mana Clash. Now, you can actually kill him instantly, if you set up Morrigan to use her Vulnerability Hex on Boss or higher enemies, then just use Mana Clash on him.

I was not in the mood to change her tactics just for this fight though, so we will not do that here. After we cast Mana Clash, he is going to try to heal himself with his Blood Sacrifice spell, and kill his own soldiers in the process.

Even if he just gets rid of one, it will be a big help for us.

During the fight we really need to focus on him, and unload everything we have on him. Paralyzing and knocking him down can prevent him from healing himself, and to cast spells. This can end the fight very quickly.

Once his health reaches 0, the fight ends, and a cutscene will play. You can let him go, or continue the fight.

He also gives you the option to kill all the elves in the warehouse, in a ritual that would augment your health a "great deal". He is just a lying Blood Mage. Your health will only be boosted by a pathetic 5 points. Hardly worth the price. Especially since, if you pick this option, the trader in the Alienage will be unavailable(he has a skill book, so we definitely want to trade with him).

So just kill him and be done with him.

After he is dead, another cutscene will play where the elves leader, Valendrian, will thank you for the rescue. Now we can go and sell our junk in the shop, and buy the last skill book in the game.


We are going to place it on Expert Herbalism.

20:20:12 SER OTTO

The "Something Wicked" quest. Let's talk to the Deranged Beggar, check the pool of blood, and the dead dog. Let's report back to Otto.