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How to install Custom Sims, House and Lots

Step 1: Most files for a Sims 4 lot/house and Sim people come in a compressed format. If so, extract them by using any of the following: WinRAR or 7-zip.
Step 2: Once decompressed, files ending in .householdbinary, .blueprint, .room, .bpi, .trayitem will have to placed in the Tray folder (Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray folder). If there are any CC/mods that comes with the House, lot and/or Sim, please put them in your Mods folder - not in the Tray folder.
Step 3: Open the Sims 4 Gallery, and select the My Library tab. To your left, under Advanced, check "Include Custom Content." This allows you to find your installed House and/or Sim.


Installing the Files...

Here you will see that the cafe download includes a Mod Folder - put that in your Mods folder. The bpi, blueprint and tray item files need to go to your Tray folder.


Placing the Sim, house or lot...

Place the house/lot (best is to do so while on build mode). If it is a Sim, open your CAS and take them from your library.


Hope that helps ♥


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