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The Sims 4: February 2021 Downloads (Part 1)

Updated: May 29, 2023

This is a list of Sims 4 must-have custom content that makes gameplay better and is too good not to share!

TS4 Sims 4 custom content and mods downloads


Please note that it is a must to keep your downloads updated. New patches and updates for The Sims 4 may or may not cause your downloads to stop working. Most creators update their files immediately, all we have to do is redownload. I will keep a lookout for updates, and update this page as well.

Installing Custom Content and Mods

Step 1: Every mod/custom content should be placed in My Document>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4> Mods

Step 2: If the cc/mod you download is in .package format, you can place it anywhere you want in the Mods folder. If it is a SCRIPT mod, you cannot place it inside a sub-sub folder. If it's a ZIP file, first unzip it and follow the instructions above.

Step 3. Enable cc in-game. If you're using script mods, also enable script mods in-game

Installing Sims and lots

Step 1: Every mod/custom content should be placed in My Document>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Tray

Step 2: If it's a ZIP file, first unzip it and follow the instructions above.

Step 3. Enable cc in-game. If you're using script mods, also enable script mods in-game

Step 4. Go to your Sims 4 Gallery in the game, and look for your Sims or the lots you had just installed. If you cannot find them, you might need to enable your custom content in the gallery.

NOTE: After each patch, the game will automatically disable custom contents; you have to enable it

in-game again.

Please be guided accordingly:

Blue Custom Content - Deco only

Green Custom Content/Mods - Functional

Yellow Custom Content - CAS (Sims, skin overlay, make-up, eye colors, clothes, etc.)

Red Custom Content - Build Mode (Includes Lots & House, rooms)

Table of Contents (Part 1)

Click the CC/Mod name for info.

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1. Baby Steamer and Toddler Food

TS4 Sims 4 functional baby steamer and toddler food


The functional baby steamer generates eight new dishes: Mashed carrots & Breaded tofu, Peas & Pizza, Red lentils & Gruyère, Mashed potatoes & ham, Lentils & Bread, Ladybug, Monkey, and Owl.

Last Updated



Get it here


The baby plates are awesome looking.

2. Toaster Mod

TS4 Sims 4 custom content functional object toaster mod


The functional toaster mod allows your Sim to choose among nine new dishes: Pop Tart - brown sugar, Pop Tart - cherry, Toast & baked beans, Toasts, Tortilla, and Waffles.

Last Updated



Get it here


Although it lacks the animation of bread toasting in the toaster, I am still happy with this. Other than the recipes that come with it, the designs look really good in the kitchen.

3. Custom Foods 02/09


These custom foods require Custom Food Interactions for them to work. As for the ingredients, most are optional. However, I would suggest you include Icemunmun's harvestable as they would make the game more realistic and interesting.

Last Updated



Get it here

Apple Salad (07.09.2020)

Chicken Adobo (01.17.2021)

Dinner Rolls (03.14.2021)


One thing I look forward to when there is a new expansion pack or any other pack of The Sims 4 is the new foods. I have always felt that the recipes in the game were never enough to keep me from getting bored playing my Sims. Earlier on, I wasn't too keen on downloading custom food for my game or any mod because of fear that my game would crash. But how was I to resist when so many interesting dishes and mods could make gameplay really fun - and here I am, sharing these wonderful dishes for your Sims to enjoy, too. Of course, I have tested each one and give them a big thumbs up!


Please note that you must have custom food interactions.

4. Custom Food Interactions

TS4 Sims 4 mod custom food interaction

TS4 Sims 4 mod custom food interaction


This mod allows the fridge and stove to have custom interactions, as well as custom foods.

Last Updated



Get it here


Heaven-sent! I am fortunate to have discovered this mod - raiding the fridge has never been this fun until now.

4. Custom Harvestable


Adds harvestable fruit, veggies, herbs, and their trees/plants/bushes to the game.

Last Updated



Get it here

Apricot (09.20.2020)

Artichoke (09.21.2020)

Arugula (09.20.2020)

Avocado (09.21.2020)

Banana (09.20.2020) - extra note 01

Bay Leaf (01.08.2021)

Bell Pepper (09.21.2020)

Black Pepper (09.20.2020)

Blueberry (03.11.2021)

Broccoli (09.21.2020)

Butternut Squash (11.06.2020)

Cabbage (09.20.2020)

Cardamom (02.03.2021)

Cauliflower (09.21.2020)

Cheese (09.20.2020)

Chickpea (09.21.2020)

Chives (09.20.2020)

Cinnamon (09.21.2020)

Cocoa Bean (01.01.2021)

Collard Greens (09.20.2020)

Corn (09.21.2020)

Coriander (09.20.2020)

Cranberry (09.20.2020)

Cucumber (09.21.2020)

Cumin (03.11.2021)

Eggplant (09.21.2020)

Garlic (09.21.2020)

Ginger (09.21.2020)

Green Chili (09.21.2020)

Guava (09.21.2020)

Jalapeno (09.20.2020)

Kale (09.20.2020)

Kidney Beans (09.20.2020)

Kiwi (09.20.2020)

Leek (09.21.2020)

Lime (09.20.2020)

Mango (09.21.2020)

Marshmallow (11.06.2020)

Nutmeg (11.06.2020)

Olive (09.21.2020)

Orange (09.21.2020)

Papaya (09.21.2020)

Parsnip (09.21.2020)

Peach (09.21.2020)

Peppermint (09.21.2020)

Pine Cone and Nuts (12.06.2020)

Pistachio (09.21.2020)

Plum (09.21.2020)

Pomelo (09.21.2020)

Pumpkin Project (09.21.2020) - extra note 02

Radish (09.21.2020)

Raspberry (09.21.2020)

Red Beans (09.20.2020)

Rhubarb (09.21.2020)

Rice grain (09.20.2020)

Rosemary (09.21.2020)

Spring Onion (09.21.2020)

Sweet Potato (11.06.2020)

Thyme (09.20.2020)

Tofu (09.20.2020)

Turnip (09.20.2020)

Vanilla Bean 001.01.2021)

Wheat Grain (09.20.2020)

Yam (09.21.2020)


Having a wide range of fruits and veggies to choose from has increased my list of ingredients from short to long - plus, all these ingredients help my Sims cook their dishes to perfection. Most of all, farming feels more like "farming" now. The Sims 4 should have tackled this since so many Sims 4 fans have repeatedly asked for Maxis to focus on farming - but they have not done so until now. As you continue reading my page, you will find several items that will make you itch to create a farm immediately! You can also check out Arnie's mod pack called THE SIMS 4 FARMLAND, which focuses on farming.

Extra Notes 01

Banana - Once the banana is ready to be harvested, you will now have the option to separate the banana cluster into 3: fruit, blossom, and leaf. All three parts have different uses. Please see the image below. For banana leaf crafting, click here.

sims 4 mod icemunmun banana plant

Extra Notes 02

Pumpkin Project - The pumpkin can be used as an ingredient in your dishes, but it can also be crafted into pumpkin juice and/or cut into a pumpkin slice. If you download the Pumpkin Carving Recipe Override, the classic pumpkin carver will now require a pumpkin harvestable.

5. Grannies Cookbook

TS4 Sims 4 custom content custom food grannies cookbook


The Grannies Cookbook includes Littlbowbubs own custom recipes. You must download the recipes separately - breakfast, grill, desserts, snacks (including drinks), and toddler food. I keep my cookbook under the new counter with the Snowy Escape. You can put it anywhere and still have accessibility, click on it, and a menu will pop up.

Last Updated

07.22.2021 (version 22.07)/((updated for cottage living ep)


Get it here