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Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul - 3.3.1 | Public Release



Q1 2021 Mod Updates for the Financial Center and Private Practice are now live.

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Icemunmun's April 2021 Upload Schedule

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Updated - February 2021

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A compilation of all the recipes released together with the Snowy Escape pack.

TheSims4 Snowy Escape Recipes

08 February 2021

A list of all the dishes that came with the Snowy Escape expansion pack.

24 November 2020

My Sim tries the Simmi Vending Machine for the first time, and it falls on her, squashing her like a bug... will she die or survive the wrath of the vending machine?

simmi collection

24 November 2020

Simmies are cute little dolls that your Sim of all ages can collect.
Collect all 12 standard Simmies and 12 gold versions.

simmi collection blog

23 March 2020

We all love clutter - in the game of course!  Amoebae created a large, deep OMSP that works like a shelf.  It has many slots that help clutter a spot all in one go.  



Red Shelf

31 July 2020

The short story of Diane and her love for yarn - she sells tons of items on plopsy.

Nify Knitting Crazy for plopsy

31 July 2020

The design of this house is about 85 percent close to the real house I once lived in a few years back. I hope you enjoy my build.


31 July 2020

♥ How to raise and lower an item

♥ How to resize objects

♥ moo

Tutorial 1 basic cheats