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The Sims 4: 5 Ways to Make Bath Time More Fun and Relaxing

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Bath essentials: Bath bombs, bath salts, mouthwash - when hygiene is more than just soap.

TS4 Sims 4 Cottage Living Canning A Guide To canning

Since the beginning of The Sims, our sims have bathed and showered with JUST WATER - no soap, no shampoo. Now, with the help of some mods, not brushing their teeth, and having bad hygiene have consequences. The best thing about all these is that YOU and YOUR SIM can enjoy crafting bath products and essential oils to make the bath time fun and Simtastic!

Watch a video of my Sims in action

Below is a list of mods that your Sims can immerse themselves in for better hygiene, and of course, better gameplay for us.

Table of Contents

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Bath Essentials

#1 Make your own soap and bath bombs.

sims 4 cottage living canning apple jam


The Soap Making Station can craft soaps, bath bombs, and bath salts that can be used when your Sims bathe and/or shower. The soap-making skill can be gained by reading the skill book that comes with the mod. The bath products can be crafted with and without ingredients: Epsom salts, essential oils, and more. Crafting, smelling, and using these bath products give at least 100+ different moodlets.

Aspirations help enhance gameplay for further storytelling. See Soap Making aspirations here.


Pied Piper (Patreon / / modthesims)

Get it here

Soap Making Station (Patreon /

#2 Moisturize your skin from head to toe.

sims 4 cottage living canning aubergine conserve


The Skincare Collection is part of the Clash With Reality Mod which is a mod that enhances the realism in Sims 4 by offering a new sickness system, relationship interactions, and self-care in the forms of Chronic Diseases, Specialists Appointments, Skin Care, and more. For now, we focus on the Skincare Collection: Body Lotion, Coconut Body Milk, Face Moisturizer - Dry Skin Solution, hair Oil Therapy, and a Shower Gel. These products can be kept in your Sim's inventory or on a table. Interactions include custom animations and moodlets are gained when the products are used.


Mirai (Patreon / website / tumblr / ko-fi)

Get it here

Clash With Reality (website)

#3 Massage yourself or bathe in Essential Oils.

sims 4 cottage living canning blackberry jam


Essential Oils can be crafted with the Oil Distiller which can be found under Small Appliances, and it comes with The Oil Distillation Mod - The Oil Distillation Mod allows your Sim to craft 5 different types of cooking oils which can be used when a recipe requires "any oil," and 11 different types of essential oils which can be used for soap crafting, laundry, and bathing.

Bathing: The option to bathe with soaks requires Sims to pay. Fortunately, with the use of crafted essential oils, Sims will no longer have to pay for a 'bath with soak'. Instead, they will be required to have a specific kind of oil in their inventories for them to soak into once in the tub.


Pied Piper (Patreon / / modthesims)

Get it here

Oil Distillation Mod (Patreon / tumblr)

sims 4 pied piper functional oil distillation mod
11 Different Types of Essential Oils

sims 4 pied piper grinder

The Grinder is needed to make Rose Powders.

The Functional Grinder can be found here.

#4 Keep teeth and gums healthy.


Your Sims need to care for their teeth. If they don't, they could have bad breath, cavities or even lose their teeth. These dental supplies help with dental hygiene, and a visit to the dentist plays a major role in your Sim's hygiene which is part of the Dental Care Mod by adeepindigo.


Around the Sims 4 (Patreon / tumblr / website)

Get it here

Dental Care Supplies Mod (website)

sims 4 cottage living canning blueberry jam

… and now, for the cherry on top.

After a good bath, splash your Sims with some functional perfume.

Feel fresh, flirty, or confident!

#5 Make yourself smell good with colognes and perfumes.

sims 4 cottage living canning cowberry jam


These functional perfumes come in both English and Simlish; functional and non-functional.


Around the Sims 4 (Patreon / tumblr / website)

Get it here

Functional Perfume Bottles (website)



Watch my Sims in action.

Coconut Body Cream, Strawberry Scented Salt, Coffee Scented Salt, Peach Bath Bomb, Citrus Bath Bomb, Oatmeal Soap, Lemon Scented Soap... and so much more!

sims 4 cc/mods custom appliances functional kitchen appliances

sims 4 custom food and custom recipes

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