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Adventure awaits in The Sims™ 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack! Discover Mt. Komorebi - 14 new lots, 3 new neighborhoods, festivals, new recipes, and many cute collectibles. Kids of Mt. Komorebi wear school uniforms when attending school - neat!

New Deaths - There are 2 new deaths: Climb without enough experience, and your Sim dies; the second death is if your Sim gets squashed by a vending machine.

​Mountain Excursion - Climbing Mt. Komorebi cannot be done solo. Your Sim will have to climb with others. Plan a social event, and select The Mountain Excursion event. Just before the event begins, your Sim will assemble at the Onsen to begin the journey. Reach the peak, and your Sim will be rewarded.

​Hiking - Your Sim can walk all day while they enjoy the graveyard, the monastery, and most of all, the scenery.

​Relax at the Onsen bathhouse, and enjoy the warmth of a natural hot spring. Eat some hotpot on the new kotatsu table (too cold? you can adjust the temperature - so, upgrade your table.), platforms, and many more.

​Check out my guides to learn more.

Sims 4 Mt. Komorebi Map