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The Sims 4: The Village

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

A place where Sims not only have enough resources for day-to-day needs but a place where work and life are balanced.

TS4 Sims 4 Cottage Living Canning A Guide To canning

The Village is a residential lot where Sims of different families thrive to create a farming community. My main Sim, Robert, and his family live a simple life where their main income is dependent on their small bakery. With the help of LittleMsSam's Mod called "Live in Business," my Sims are able to run their own business at home. Together, the residents of The Village spend most days milling, churning, grinding, and farming - at the end of the day, their fruits of labor allow my Sims to enjoy a comfortable, and secure life


This is a work in progress. I will continue to update this post with more pictures and eventually, I will add a video - please watch out for that because I am really excited to take you on a tour of The Village.

(If there is any custom content or mod that interests you, do not hesitate to reach out to me.)

Let's begin our tour...

sims 4 cottage living canning apple jam

Robert, his wife, and daughter enjoying a picnic.

sims 4 cottage living canning aubergine conserve

Robert's bakery at home. You will need the Live in Store Mod which is part of LittleMsSam's Mod called "Live in Business". The separated and improved produce displays are from Ravasheen (taken from the Cottage Living EP) and are perfect for cluttering up a farmer's market or grocery store.

sims 4 cottage living canning blackberry jam

The bridge is unfinished. The walls for the bridge are Debug items.

sims 4 pied piper grinder

sims 4 cottage living canning blueberry jam

To the left is a chapel where I keep some books, and my Sims go into reading - it's almost as if they are praying inside. The small tractor is a debug item.

The Phonebooth is a debug item. However, I replaced it with one that I downloaded from Sims41ife which you can find here. The 2 vehicles are also debug items. The Retail Produce Stand is from Brazenlotus, and you can get it here.

The horse is only for decor, but it is pretty and good to have when you have a ranch or a farm. You can get it here. The chicken coop is from icemunmun, and it can be downloaded from here. I like to have both icemunmun's chicken coop and the coop that comes with the Cottage Living expansion. Although both produce eggs, icemunmun's chicken coop help in other ways - and its interactions are as follows: Set Up Coop, Buy Chickens, Feed Chickens, Check for Eggs, Collect Eggs, Look for Easter eggs, Observe, Converse with Chickens, Rename Coop, Play with Chicks, Hug Chicken, Tell Story, Insult/Use fowl Language, and it also gives you chicken meat which can be used in some recipes.

sims 4 cottage living canning cowberry jam

The well is from Ravasheen. It is a functional, off-grid compatible wishing well that allows your Sim to gather water daily. Get it here.

The water pump is from Icemunmun. It is a functional, off-grid compatible water pump that allows your Sim to gather water for the washtub. Get it here. The pigs, just like the horse, are for decor only. They are from Severinka's set "Animals Converted Part 2" and it can be found here. The water collection home tower is from Ravahseen, and is part of the Alter Eco Utility Set which focuses on water and power production for regular and off-the-grid lots.

My harvestable are from icemunmun, robin, piedpiper, and brazenlotus.

Different colored pumpkins, tomatoes, potatoes, and more from Brazenlotus.

The goats are also from Severinka's set "Animals Converted Part 2".

The Creature Keeper's cabin is a debug item. My Sims cannot live inside it - so, my Sims live under it.

A small graveyard.

The little house acts like a house that belongs to a "pretend" neighbor. But inside, that is where my Sims craft vases, arrange flowers and make candles.

The Workshop ☟

The Functional Pottery Wheel is from MiraiMayonaka, and you can get it here.

A little hill that heads up towards Robert's home.

Some of the plants are the following: Banana Plant, Nasturtium & Pansy.

Look at the flowers 😊

I worked really hard on The Village, and that is good because, in the end, it fills me up with contentment. I hope you liked it, too.


Another work in progress of mine.


A custom recipe from Littlbowbub.

More Custom Food here



Watch my Sims in action.

Coconut Body Cream, Strawberry Scented Salt, Coffee Scented Salt, Peach Bath Bomb, Citrus Bath Bomb, Oatmeal Soap, Lemon Scented Soap... and so much more!

sims 4 cc/mods custom appliances functional kitchen appliances

sims 4 custom food and custom recipes

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